PR & Media Management

PR & Media Management

Choose best political survey company in India. Political survey and research study are the backbone of a successful political campaign. This assists in focusing on the different parts of the election accurately. Research helps candidates understand the political temperature of their constituencies and deliberate accordingly. chanakyapoll does not believe in conducting its business from behind glass doors and instead believes in reaching out to voters at the grass-root level to collect data.

Before the election campaign starts, we, at our political survey company bring to you the benefits of proper in-depth research. Political research is one of the fundamental building blocks of the campaigning process.

Aspects of Political Survey and Political Research

    • Importance of Social Media Forums – Social media platforms used for research are an extraordinary method to have correspondence with the masses and can be utilized to conduct political research adequately. Several political overview organizations utilize social media to carry out their functions. Additionally, through this, one can achieve a wide range of individuals.
    • Liaison with Behavioral Psychologists – Owing to their line of work, behavioural psychologists have an incredible insight into the behavioural patterns of the voters. They can help studying groups of voters and predicting outcomes. They will have the ability to manage the political party every step of the way.
    • Analysis and Preparation of the Results – The analysis and the presentation of the outcomes are crucial to political surveying. They not only present a holistic idea of the election cycle, along with voter response, but also help parties with future elections.
    • Proper Research to Prepare Questions – The examination on the inquiries and the development of the poll outcomes ought to be done carefully. This prepares the candidates to face the voters.
    • Telephonic Survey – The studies and the surveys of people, in general, can be conducted through telephonic discussions. This is a conventional method of political research and enables personal feedback from voters.
    • Use of Multiple Languages – One should conduct surveys in various languages as this will assist candidates in availing feedback and opinions of voters from across demographics.
    • Interpretation of the Survey Answers – There should be a detailed translation of the response for accurate comprehension. This will encourage the political party or the legislator to comprehend where they stand. It is crucial to understand one’s voter base and campaign accordingly.
    • Modes of Research – Several modes of research should also be explored. This comes in handy when trying to gauge a diverse crowd. Avenues of both primary and secondary research should be explored.
Political Survey Company Features
    • Booth Level Research – This includes various software installations, data management, constituency profiling, comprehensive research and more.
    • Opinion Polls –This is one of the most essential ways to obtain data from voters. We have positioned ourselves as the best election survey agency in India that uses the proper methodologies for the opinion polls, and this will have a great impact on the validity of the data and the opinion polls.
    • Door-To-Door Research at the Booths – Here the assessment of the various governmental bodies is done. Apart from the research and the software installation you also have the training as well as the mobile app here.
    • Study of Sample –This is a beneficial method of research and our team of experts at our political research company makes sure that it is done firmly. It is a cost-effective research method and if done well, it can be a legitimate source of information as well.
    • Booth Level Constituency Profiling – This is the step where we take in the information of the prospects like caste demographics, the details of the party workers, the problematic issues for the campaigning process and more.


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