Door To Door Campaign

Door To Door Campaign

Electioncare Door to Door Survey We can do this through many survey methods. Our campaign gets a flight through the door to door survey. Through this survey / campaign we also have a database of our political field ready. At the same time, the popularity of our candidate also affects voters. While conducting a poll through door to door survey,

we can assess the following points.m generators on the Internet tend to repeat predefined chunks as necessary, making this the first true generator on the Internet.

Name and mobile number of each family head
Assessing caste support in the area
Keeping the social media in mind, keeping the social media user in touch with them constantly
Assessing the effective issue of the area according to the family
Assessing the family during the tenure of the Representative
Database of political activists who are related to different political parties will be ready
Effective people holding their hold in the logo (such as head, fire, doctor, teacher, lawyer, priest, owner of a factory, key person operating social organization) etc.

Door to door benefits of surveys –
• The voter list also becomes clear (through verification) from the door to door survey through the electoral roll. We can discuss the names of the required voters in our area.
• Databases received from door to door surveys can be able to build a very strong hold (via social media, SMS, Voicecall) through IT services.


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