Booth Management

Booth Management

Comprehensive research at the booth level is the essential tool that political parties can massively gain from. This can help the parties to efficiently understand the various aspects of the demographics, the voters’ behavioural patterns and more. We at Leadtech build up the robust political research surveys to enable different gatherings to comprehend each other and make the correct steps toward getting their requirements met. They are likewise intended to pinpoint the issues that are most critical to various demographic groups and recognize how a political candidate is found concerning those issues. Working with an expert organization like us to make your political research study is an extraordinary method to make sure that you can reach a vast network of voters.

Surveys can be taken in an assortment of ways, including on the web, via telephone, and on paper, and are accessible in various dialects with the goal that each inquiry can be completely comprehended. Social psychologists ought to completely explore each overview question before the inquiries achieve the casting a ballot open. After the appropriate responses are in, they should keep on remaining required by breaking down what the appropriate responses mean. Ph.D.-level specialists ought to be accessible to propose the activity anticipates pushing ahead. Even though there is no surety in political issues, the aftereffects of political research reviews can precisely foresee election results with a high level of certainty. By deliberately directing heartbeat reviews at customary interims amid your crusade, you get a more grounded feeling of popular assessment and the direction you requirement for course adjustments when the election.

 Booth Committee Formation

1. Identify 5-15 Booth Level workers who will be the Candidates army at ground level
2. Booth Committee will help to win booth and to increase voting% at booth.
3. Booth Committee training what to do and how to do at Booth
4. Personal touch and Motivation given by Candidates

Booth Level Issue and Electoral Management

1. Track record of issues and Problems at Booth Level so candidate can address theme issues in public meeting with voters.
2. Organize public meeting with voters on very crucial issues and problems.

Aspects of Comprehensive Research at Booth Level Services

    • Identification of Issues for and against the Party – This is an essential issue and you are made aware of these issues at the micro and macro levels from the comprehensive research at booth level.
    • Opinion Polls – This is an essential survey which is conducted to know the public opinion and the booth level research is essential for it.
    • Liaison with the Booth Level Officers – The booth level officers is the ones with the required info and with the proper liaison with them you can avail the accurate data effortlessly.
    • Caste Demographics – The caste demographics are another aspect of the booth level research, and this is required even for the campaigning process.
    • Voting Patterns in Respects to Various Factors – You can know the voting patterns of the voters in respect to a different gender, age, and caste.
    • Knowledge of Influential Key Voters – Through the comprehensive booth level research you can avail the much-needed knowledge of the key people from different parties.
    • Analysis and Comparison with the Previous Years’ Results – You also get to analyze the data and then compare them with the data from last years and check where the difference is.

Booth Committee Formation

  • Identify 5-15 Booth level workers who will be the candidates army at ground level
  • Booth Committee will help to win booth and to increase voting% at booth
  • Booth Committee Training what to do and how to do at Booth
  • Personal touch and Motivation given by Candidate

Booth Level Issue & Electoral Management

  • Track Record of Issues and Problems at Booth Level so Candidate can address these issues in public meeting with votes,
  • Organize public meeting with voters on very crucial issues and problems.
  • Electoral Management Voter Registration Drive Elimination of Vogus Voters
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